Christian Art and Video Book Trailers

Using The Beauty of Christian Art In A Video Production.

Sharing Christian Book Releases Using Video Book Trailers

The Pages of A Book Revealed In Video

Christian Book Trailer Productions for Multi-Published Authors

The beauty if a book cover can go along way and especially for multi-published authors.

Video Book Trailers for Christian Authors

Many times authors are led to believe that they must have a high quality video book trailer and spend upward of $600.00 to $1,000.00 for the production. However, let's do the mathematics. How many books do you have to sell taking what you get from each book sale in royalties to recover $600.00 and up?

Keep the cost down, keep it simple, create it powerful and sell more books without taking such a huge hit to your pocket book. 

Christian Book Trailer Productions by CBM

Here is a simple yet powerful video book trailer that showcases 
Author Thomas Bayo's
2042 END OF USA.

Christian Video Book Trailer Sneak Peek

Christian Reading by Kirk Lewis

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